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Embarking on a journey with the customer of the implementation of their new EMC solution, Workday Financials and/or Adaptive Planning.  The service provided could cover and is not limited to:

  • Timeline and resource planning.

  • Pre-work and planning before engaging with the implementation partner.

  • Work with the customer to ensure the implementation partner captures their requirements.

  • Out of the box thinking and hands-on approach.

  • Successful implementation of the EMC solution and readiness of the Finance team from day 1.


With the experience from working within a Finance Function and the insights of the previous implementation, we can provide the following services:

  • Timelines and people planning.

  • Requirement planning

  • Stabilisation or review of newly implemented EMC solutions.

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Implementation of a new Finance system can sometimes be viewed as the answer to all of the customer's problems. Without the business processes or knowledge to complement your investment, the company will not realise its true value.

  • Review business processes before the build.

  • Optimising the Finance timetable

  • Bridging knowledge gaps in Finance and even business analysts.

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